The Method

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All about the Method

The Method powered by AuDConnex, RiseENT, and 3X is a proven training approach to best practices and growth for audiology and ENT care practices. This proven training program is not like any other in the industry. This proven training program teaches the WHY and the HOW through successful practice owners and outside industry leaders. The Method training program is composed of several learning opportunities throughout the year.

Learning Events

One-On-One Training


Collaboration Events

The Proven Coaching Talent

Our experience and background is the foundation of our members’ success. From our experience in owning growing private practices and a proven track record of guiding others, we have the method to GROWING practices.


  • Over 15 Years of Experience in Private Practice Ownership
  • Over 47 Years of Combined Experience in Practicing in Private Practice
  • Over 32 Years Experience in Practice Operations and Finance
  • Over 25 Years Experience in Real Practice Management Training
  • Over 23 Years Experience in Marketing, Public Relations, and Brand Reputation
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The Proven Result

The Method training results speak volume in all aspects of the practice.


  • 47% Improvement/Increase of New Patients in the First 8 Months
  • 33% Increase in Hearing Aid Sales
  • 62% Increase in Total Revenue
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Who Is in Your Corner?

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